Set free from Sin?

Don’t we realize that we don’t have to sin anymore?  We have been set free!  How?  See Romans 6:1-11, where we read that we are dead to sin and alive to God by virtue of being buried with Christ in His death, and raised with Him in His resurrection.  What does this mean?  It means that when we are saved, our sin nature, our “old man,” was put to death with Jesus.  That is, the ruling power of sin over us was dethroned, no longer having the same kind of authority it once did.  This leaves us now with a choice where there was none before.  When sin ruled, we had no choice but to obey its desires.  When sin is dethroned, we now have the much more attractive option of presenting our “members to God as instruments of righteousness” (6:13).  We have been set free from the ruling power of sin!  But it doesn’t stop there, for we are not only buried with Christ in His death, but we are raised with Him as well.  Now that the power of sin over us is dethroned, we don’t view our new option of righteousness neutrally, but as those who now share in the power of Christ’s resurrection.  Being a Christian doesn’t just remove the penalty of sin, but imparts the gift of true life!  You have been set free from sin, but you are not wandering about aimlessly.  You have been given a new compass heading that points towards your new home, and the Holy Spirit has been poured out upon you to help get you there!


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One response to “Set free from Sin?

  1. When we are saved we are indeed set free from sin, that is true. From the power and penalty of sin and in fact no longer desiring to sin.

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