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The Wrecking Ball

Jesus is a wrecking ball. Once he starts to work in your life, get ready for walls to come crashing down, and to feel the effects. It takes a lifetime of struggle to get used to your new duds, but they are yours, they are beautiful, and they are kept spotless by His righteousness.


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The Condemning Power of the Law

God’s Law is much more capable of condemning a sinner than we sinners are capable of condemning ourselves. If we saw ourselves in light of His perfect standard, we would cease all religious hostilities against God and commend ourselves to His mercy alone, a mercy so graciously provided in the cross of Christ

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What is the Purpose of the Law?

Many in Paul’s day, and in ours as well, think that we are made right before God by following the Law.  But Paul tells us that this is not the purpose of the Law at all, and that in fact any attempt to justify oneself through it is evil and prideful (Philippians 3:2).  So what is the purpose of the Law?  In short, so that our “sin might be shown to be sin,” and that it might” become sinful beyond measure” (Romans 7:13).  Does this mean that the law is sinful?  Paul vehemently says no!  The Law is life for those who can keep it.  And this is precisely Paul’s point.  The Law does not equal life for us, but death, because it exposes that which exists within every human being, indwelling sin.  The more we look at the Law and take it seriously, the more we are crushed by its perfect and unreachable demands.  Far from despair, which is prideful in its own way, we Christians are driven to find our confidence not in ourselves, but in a Savior who did keep the Law, and who did pay the righteously demanded price for our failing to keep it.  With Paul we confidently say, “Wretched folk that we are!  Who will deliver us from this body of death?  Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (Romans 7:24-25).  So far from saving us, the Law condemns us, and points us to our need for a Savior, who was graciously supplied to us through the person of Jesus Christ.

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His blood be on us and our children!

This was the response of the Jewish crowd when Pilate washed his hands of Jesus saying, “I am innocent of this man’s blood.  See to it yourselves.”  The Jews were saying, “we are so confident about Jesus that we are willing to put ourselves and our children under God’s curse.”  It is amazing, in light of the book of Acts and 2000 years of church history, how true this statement came to be.  Jesus’ blood came to be on many of them, but not in the way they expected.  They would certainly be under God’s curse, but only in their relation to the One who God cursed on their behalf.  Through His shed blood on the cross, Jesus bore God’s hatred of sin, His curse, for the Jews back then, and for you and me today.

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