What is Team of Oxen?

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the glory of God through the life of Christ Community Church of Denton, a church plant in Denton, TX.  As you read about the joy and pain, I pray you will be captivated by the beauty of the Gospel we are trying to plant.

Why are you calling it TeamofOxen?

TeamofOxen was the name of my first character in a video game I used to play called Star Wars Galaxies.  Disappointing…I know.  But after I retired from hardcore gaming, I began thinking about church planting, and heard The Ox: Ten Qualifications of a Church Planter by Mark Driscoll.  Now that I am a church planter and pastor, TeamofOxen has taken on new meaning. I’ve come to discover that the Ox is a good choice of metaphor, that Mark Driscoll is right on, and that church planting couldn’t be further from the world of online gaming.  Having already owned the domain name from my gaming days (sigh), I have resurrected TeamofOxen from his electronic death on the servers of Sony Online Entertainment and redeemed him to a nobler, more relevant purpose: to pull the curtain back on the life of an Ox…a big, dumb, hairy Ox, and the church he loves so dearly.


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